The Fur That Stole Christmas Drape every shoulder and every waist
Spice up a holiday look with fur, no matter your taste Adorn that holiday dress with fur, or turn up a casual look
Make every head turn - you're going to have them hooked An AMLuxe full-length fur will have you deep in lust
A stole, however, is absolutely a must A fur stole is the perfect accessory to get any outfit popping. Perhaps, you've noticed all your favorite celebs and bloggers rocking this trending fashion statement. Fur stoles go with anything from ballgowns to street gear. Wear a stole over your coat like a scarf, or over your outfit. Not only does this fly accessories make a bold statement, it'll battle the harsh winter weather, keeping you warm and cozy. Still not sure how to rock a fur? We've got you covered: Over a single shoulder is a chic way to rock a fur stole. It makes a statement with a modern twist. Wrapped around both shoulders is the classic way that a fur stole is worn. This can be layered over an outfit, or worn over a jacket or coat. Drape it over a handbag to add texture and flare to your bag. Doing this can transform your purse and give it a more luxe appeal. Pin your stole to the side with a broach for a fancier, demure look. Tuck a long stole into a belt for a neat and classy look. However you rock your fur, you're sure to steal all of the attention at your holiday affair.


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